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The Jordanian society for Dermatology and Venereology was founded in 1973. It has around 300 active members, practicing in different sectors around the country including the ministry of health, the royal medical services, universities, and the private sector.

The society aims at improving the standards of care delivered to patients through various scientific activities held throughout the year by hosting regular seminars, lectures, workshops, and conferences.

تأسست الجمعية الأردنية للأمراض الجلدية والتناسلية في عام 1973. تضم الآن حوالي 300 عضو فاعل، يمارسون المهنة في قطاعات مختلفة في جميع أنحاء البلاد بما في ذلك وزارة الصحة، الخدمات الطبية الملكية، والجامعات، والقطاع الخاص.

تهدف الجمعية إلى تحسين معايير الرعاية التي تقدم للمرضى من خلال مختلف الأنشطة العلمية التي تعقد على مدار العام من خلال الندوات والمحاضرات، وحلقات العمل، والمؤتمرات الطبية.

هيئة إدارية جديدة للجمعية الأردنية لأطباء الجلدية و التناسلية 2011-2013

تم إنتخاب هيئة إدارية جديدة للجمعية الأردنية للأمراض الجلدية و التناسلية و ذلك للفترة القادمة و حتى العام 2013 , و لقد تم إنتخاب

الدكتور مدحت عبد المالك رئيسا

الدكتور محمد العبادي نائبا للرئيس

الدكتور محمد هلالات أمينا للسر

الدكتور أمين المعايطة أمينا للصندوق

الدكتور عيسى الزيود رئيس اللجنة العلمية

الدكتور فراس القرقز رئيس اللجنة الإعلامية

الدكتورة نسرين أبو رميلة رئيس اللجنة الإجتماعية


membership (two types)

1 – active member (optional membership) with the following conditions:

the member should be permanently registered at the doctors association.

the member should be registered at the society as a specialist in dermatology and venereology.

the administrative board of the society should approve the application of this affiliation.

2- honorary member

this membership is granted by the administrative board for the eminent persons in this specialization who participated in the development of this specialization in the district, or the doctors or others who presented great services for the society . the honorary member has no right to participate in the elections. the affiliation request is to be presented on a special application and should be attached with the required documents or information to the administrative board of the society. the society will give the final decision in its first meeting. in case of acceptance the affiliation applicant will be notified and a certificate of affiliation will be issued for him.

objectives of the society

scientific objectives
to raise the scientific level of the dermatologist and venerologist and encourage their scientific research and study in different means, as well as to held seminars, lectures and medical conferences in the local, regional and universal levels. to exchange information and experiences with similar specialization societies and others in jordan and other countries. to arrange visits to hospitals and to organize scientific trips and other activities related thereof.
affiliation in the arab union or leagues for dermatology and venereology specialists.
affiliation in the international unions related thereto.
to offer experience and consultation in this concern for general physicians when necessary.
the administrative board shall form a scientific committee to perform the scientific activity in all its different areas.

2- vocational objectives

a- to enhance the spirit of cooperation between the members and to maintain their technical and moral level in order to develop them.

b- the member should abide by the specialization field he is registered at the society and should not exercise other specializations.

c- to have control over the vocational behavior and organize the vocational practice with cooperation of the board of the society.

d- to cooperate with societies of other specializations, scientific establishments in jordan and other countries in this field; to establish relations with them in all what concerns this specialization and the general medical matters related thereto.

3- social objectives

a- to encourage the activities which create better social relationship between members, that help achieving scientific and vocational objectives.

b- to enhance the social relationship with societies of other specializations and similar medical societies outside jordan.

c- the administration board shall form a social committee in the society to perform different social activities.

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